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You can trust that all our products are from Canada's best suppliers who have their own profile page where you can read up on them yourself! Plus we will soon be bringing Badges to the site! Suppliers can then proudly display various points of pride and achievement for discerning customers to see!


When you place an order with us, you can rest assured you will get the same reliable shipping from every supplier. Because we manage all the logistics. Scheduling  to pick up times to tracking information. Your Orders page will receive updated information as it arrives!

Easy Ordering

We understand all to well that the devil is in the details and ordering from more than one place means that many more details to worry about! With our new Easy Order format, you could place an order for every product on the site while only clicking Add to Cart once! I mean does it get any easier?


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L&M Supplies Larger Lite

Improvement to a fault!

     At L&M Supplies,

the passion lies in helping people to change more than just their smoking habit. We are passionate about helping those brave enough to change their lives and pursue a renewed hope for their future. It's the level (ish) playing field through which everyone knows, any idea could still be a winner with anyone willing to see it through. Hope that there is still time to break free from what's laid out already and to follow what dreams may bring!

We are insatiable in our need to make everyday processes easier, more automatic and if possible, something you won't have to give your attention to. We offer time saving services for both supplier and merchant. It's our hope that if you let us handle the minutia of details on what should be an easy task, that you will not want to shop anywhere else.

Our Approach

We take great pride in:

  • helping responsible brands connect with their target consumers.
  • helping them improve and grow so that, in turn, we are all lifted a little higher,
  • being not only a tool to drive sales a but a trusted resource for the improvement of life.
  • finding ways to save time in everyone's day so we can truly enjoy the reclaimed time with those we love.
  • doing our best everyday to treat everyone we meet with dignity, honesty and respect.
  • the timeless "Golden Rule". Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

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