I sometimes wonder

….why i spend as much time as i do on things i think may help other people solve a problem and get a bit further a head. Things which may or may not even get to the intended destination. Why i waste time known that the reach will never be as effective as i hope it would.
Well, just like every other advocate that I’ve had the privilege of engaging in dialog, or in social action or in any form of protest, even if it’s for what may appear at the time to be a detrimental outcome.
I watch this video and I remember that someone took the time to help me to better my life.
And that with out the sacrifice of time and attention from everyone who has the passion to help affect change in a person,
it doesn’t matter one bit what brand, flavor, or type of vape that would help you to quit.
It’s the ones who care enough to show respect, dignity and patience that are the real solution to the tobacco epidemic.
And I’ll be god damned if I’m going to stand by while those who may ,try to influence our countries better nature, then go home at night feeling like they have accomplished something worthy of the trust they have been privileged enough to uphold.
Canada deserves better!
Canadians work to hard to allow such an abuse of trust to pass without recourse. So Fair warning to those who would willingly turn a blind eye to the growing body of evidence that stands in contrast to your “Responsible and Balanced Approach”.

————- A poem by Luke ——————–

Your hands shine of crimson, a dark guilty Red,
You didn’t? How could you? Now look! They’re all dead!
You must have thought nobody cared what you do?
You’ve dishonored the trust that’s bestowed unto you.
With statements for headlines that cover your ass
You’ve sold us all out just so you can sell grass!
But greed has betrayed you, with time it will show
Your careless blind arrogance. The world will now know!
The color of cowardice greed and deciept,
You paint on your office while it pools at your feet!

Canadians are humble, hardworking and fair.
You’ve broken our trust, your true nature it bares.
I can’t accept bribery pay offs as blame
For I think you to stupid to even play in that game.
I see you as profiting later not now,
Your next job will show us the where and the how
But a time will soon come for survivors who care,
To honestly say what you did isnt fair.

Their cries for a less harmful solution was stayed
A political tight rope so impeccably played.
A loss of a loved one, it’s their fault of course,
It’s not like you’ve ever said that it’s endorsed
So when you arrived with your poor success rate ,
Claiming that we should “use will power Don’t Wait !”
“it’s easy with anti depressants you say,
just go try’em all,¬† you’ll make it some day!
“So stress your skin with our new fandangled tape!
“After all, it’s your will power not that 8 percent rate!”

FUCK You man it’s your fear that pushes that crap .
I guess you’ve never had someone real kick your ass!
Well you take your studies and your vulgar display.
You see we made our own solution!
Science supports more and more everyday.
Now with that in mind your logic is clear.
it’s suspicious, and devious, in nature, like Fear!
fear and pure greed that has so quickly brought shame!
With so many that see you so eager to blame
Your eager engagement, with those who do harm
Speak volumes about you’ve got just to far
Your abuse of democracy is appalling to see,
I can’t wait till you stand eye to eye and face me.

Your actions no longer have ground under foot,
for what what kind of leaders treat people like dirt!
Not helping nor healing speak volumes to me.
Your Grey zone is shrinking and shrinking¬† you’ll see!
I told you before WE’ve brought a solution
it meets EVERY need and it didn’t even cost you.
So with that in mind, say again, what’s you’re reason
For you calling out nice and loud, VAPES BAD open season

Our home grown ideals are a perfectly paid
Solution to the greatest mistake ever made,
By cowardly crooks and deceitful quote Leaders.
Who have cheated their people and blamed other party cheerleaders,
Well guess what it’s not 1950 you see
Our medical tech is much better for me
But you tow a line that screams “WE made a mistake! Lets not make it again after all it’s just VAPE!”
This is just what we need to open up your investigation.
After all did you for get you a person with an education?
It doesnt take much to see that your a duck I’m sorry but you’ve used up the last of your luck
this isn’t the 80s or 90’s you see
We information faster then whats ever been scene!

I hope you remind those who promoted your fear.
And remember your loved ones whose support you hold dear.
Who may one day find themselves filling up their lungs,
with what you have left us, you coward, BETTER RUN!
My heart will weep for them, they’ll suffer your fears
and see your dishonor, disgrace shed no tears.
I will do what i can to help them it’s true
But sadly there’s no kind of real help for you
For you I see prison I’m sure you’ll have nothing to fear.
You wont have to worry after all it’s government work.
Just eat sleep shit stand up sit down rinse repeat
You think that I’m being unjust or unkind ?
then Ill bring you the parents of that child who died
From arrogance and a lack of real honest concern,
I’m sure there’s a payoff but hey it’s not like it wasn’t earned
It costs a lot, to sell out, so many souls, that trusted you deeply, to take real control,
To teach them and care like a nurturing mother and stand up to bullies like a tough older brother
But you’re just a weasel, not worth two more words, Ill make sure you hear them “You’re Done” Haven’t you heard
to see your hard fall id bring millions of people who carry the souls of those not deemed equal!

Should you believe in the devil or some version of hell,
your actions till now have ensured a seat well.
Canada will one day reflect on such treason,
your arrogance on display and remember the season,
that you washed your hands in a color so bright,
your vulgar display of corruption as right!.
Colored are those who so easily stood,
while your kinsmen and country folk died as they would.
I will not give up!
you will never succeed!
This is your test! YOU FAILED!
And now it’s our turn to lead and teach about a good deed!

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