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Understanding your customers will help conquer hurdles

Understanding your customers can be a challenge. Especially when your product spans across, well, everyone. Paying attention to the trends they are interested in will not only inform future decisions, but it will foster a closer relationship benefiting both parties in the long run

What is DragonVape up to?

Boss man Sam Jalalzai has been behind the counter of either the Dixie or Milton locations practically every day for the last 5 years. He has done so with a class and integrity which always ensures that when he throws a party the industry shows up in droves!

Kathleen Wynn

Smoke-Free Ontario Modernization……. To bad they offer headline garbage instead of the science

In the report to Minister Hoskins, who I’m told is a very reasonable and intelligent person, he is advised that vapir product are a known source of harm?!?!?!?!?. 


Canadian Spotlight on Advocacy

We learn determination, individual class and what it means to lead by example all while knowing she’ll be there to help us do our best when we decide to stand out and speak


A few words and a poem by Luke

why i spend as much time as i do on things i think may help other people solve a problem and get a bit further a head. Things which may or may not even get to the intended destination. Why i waste time known that the reach will never be as effective as i hope it would.

Regulator watch must not be taken for granted!

We all love the good work put in by Brent and his hard working team. Let’s be sure that we don’t forget to pay our dues to what may have been a key message on numerous occasions!

Idea 3D

A look at how I saw room for improvement In the online experience

There are a hundred things that can occupy a person throughout the day which is more than simply entering a number or sending an email. It becomes an interruption to the task at hand. It’s in these details that “the devil” resides. And it’s these needs that are usually left out when scoping a project.

Kathleen Wynn

THRA Bill 174

When reflecting on Bill174 consider this as a plausible cause and effect scenario: Original Post can be found HERE In the June 2016 Brexit referendum more than 33 million people in the UK exercised their democratic rights on the UK’s future in the European Union. The “Leave” side won by 3.80% or 1,269,500 votes. The …


Fears over e-cigarettes leading to smoking for young people unfounded – study

“…..this study provides reassurance that to date fears that they are a gateway into smoking are just not born out by the facts on the ground.”

E-Cigarette Summit 5 – The return of the Summit

The fifth E-Cigarette Summit took place at London’s Royal Society last Friday. For those interested in the true state of global science and regulations on vaping products (and, increasingly, other alternative nicotine products), the Summit is the calendar-event of note.