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Why is it that Smoke Free Ontario is providing false information?

In the report to Minister Hoskins, who I’m told is a very reasonable and intelligent person, he is advised that vapor products are a known source of harm?!?!?!?!?.  This stands in the wake of yet another journal published to the contrary, We are living in a time when science has surpassed any measure needed to avoid making the kind of statement written in the Smoke-Free Ontario Modernization. This kind of illogical fear mongering has got to stop!

Exposure to secondhand smoke from tobacco, shisha and cannabis and harmful aerosol from vaped products causes serious health problems. Smoke-free spaces reduce harm, protect population health, limit social exposure to smoking and help de-normalize smoking.

With summary articles that even I can understand, it’s incredulous that such advice would be given when the potential for harm reduction is so high and our health care system is so strained. The evidence is in and the scorecard on all actions against vaping by government and non government bodies abismal.
With this latest study out of Italy adding even more credit to the vaping community with Summary statements like:

from a prospective 3.5-year observational study of a cohort of nine daily EC users (mean
age 29.7 (±6.1) years) who have never smoked and a reference group of twelve never smokers. No
significant changes could be detected over the observation period from baseline in the EC users or
between EC users and control subjects in any of the health outcomes investigated. Moreover, no
pathological findings could be identified on HRCT of the lungs and no respiratory symptoms were
consistently reported in the EC user group. Although it cannot be excluded that some harm may occur
at later stages, this study did not demonstrate any health concerns associated with long-term use of EC
in relatively young users who did not also smoke tobacco.

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we should see a government who embraces a ready made solution instead of trying to stifle the market reducing innovation and furth perpetuating The much revered practice of social shaming.

Canadians deserve more from their institutions and political leaders then this “Smoke Free Modernization Report” offers.
Dare I say Your Welcome! Those numbers of smoking rates didn’t changes so drastically in recent from Smoke Free Ontario’s  Punitive measures of creating social outcasts. It’s vaping.
Change the mandate and educate don’t propagate!

Check out the report on Regulatorwatch.com

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