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A Comment for every article on Vaping to use as your own! I’m confident it will work no matter the content so long as its about vaping lol. If not help me to improve it so it is in the comments!

Please feel free to add, use, contribute and share as I think this when used as a comment to just about anything published about vaping these days will work.

The author…. me


Forward from here on as you may: ______________________________________

The Fear of Vaping,
Is the root of your story, and it is being irresponsibly propagated by the fact that you have failed to do what every other reporter has failed to do these days as well.
You have carelessly added to the very fear of which you report by not using this opportunity to respect your readers and offer them actual context to the story. This of course also shows that you have missed the story entirely, which is sad, as there is a pulitzer waiting for someone with at least the tiniest bit of professional integrity and work ethic to actually do their job and bring the biggest story of our generation to the table.

But hey, why roll up your sleeves and face the trenches of research or writing when your Starbucks just finished frothing! Your triple espresso, frappa, mocha latte topped with fleeting amounts of self confidence, accented with a dash poor taste all the while screaming to the world how entirely unoriginal and trendy you really are just arrived! And just in time for you to make a nice healthy harm free contribution to your diet!
It really looks so delicious who would take the tough road, especially when the big guys, the industry masters, your S&M like, impossible to out pace, self appointed steward of the people, fat cat competition, never will? After all they have the money to fund it! It’s not like you have any real ability to affect change.

I am curious though, is it the fear of potential harm that the government is so worried about or is it the fear of a fear of a potential harm? I mean you have really left my imagination to fill in the blanks here. I know that smoking cigarettes is a pretty sure, no a proven certain, way to cut your chances at a normal life span in half.
In fact it’s fairly well known that the potential for early death haunts about 50% of all smokers (you probably know the details better than me).

So, since the Royal College of Physicians carries no weight anymore as the world’s oldest most respected college of medical professionals to date, in all of humankind’s existence, No, its true! more people now, than there was a year ago believe that vaping is actually worse for you! So rather sadly they felt the need to hire a leading PR firm at a cost of half a million Dollars just to battle, vague, half baked articles, laced with innuendo, guided fear and absolutely nothing worthy of the air it costs to stay alive to read it. Yeah you know the ones I mean!
So we will avoid them like the rest of the idiot ass monkeys claiming to be reporters! We’ll not use their 95% less harmful assurity and in doing so elevate ourselves to the acceptable level of responsible Journalism in this country.

Instead lets trust the University that the famous, long time anti smoking advocate, Stanton Glantz works at … no wait he said that you were better off smoking…. scratch that he’s obviously losing his marbles :S Sour grapes perhaps on seeing a life’s work being pushed aside? With vapers so brash and unapologetic when he deserves to be the one who soaks up the praise and accolades of success! He’s dealt with people from the tobacco companies for so many years it’s his credit to bask in!

Lets go instead, with Canadian research. Let’s use Health Canada’s own commissioned study from UVic, they studied ALL the studies out there all 1600 of them roughly over 2 years ago now! And they summarize in fairly clear layman terms that vaping is only 95-98% less harmful than traditional tobacco and that vaping does not lead kids to smoke cigarettes. Now the do mention that, more research is needed to be able say for certain that you’re not gonna be dying in 25 years from regular use of vapor products it doesn’t an episode of Burt and Ernie to understand that one of these things is not like the other.

Oh it’s confusing i know! Every day it feels like I have to explain it to someone else. I would have thought the obvious pleasant odour, noticeably different cloud, different shape or even the coloured LEDs would have tipped them off to the fact that a vape is not a burning pinch of tobacco rolled in a piece of paper generously providing that timeless aroma that has defined, truly, all the best parts of our lives. But I guess i’m just unable to see the forest from the trees as they say.

So, all clear now?
Let’s proceed, since we know what is in ejuice (yes we know), and we don’t know what is in the stinkies we all love so much, I’m gonna go with the 98% number as I think it’s a reasonable prediction for even a layman such as myself. Now let’s take this slow,

98 from 100 = 2

2% potential that there might be harm from vaping!
Now, we know that smoking has potential harm as well, soooooooooo that would then make the 98% potential risk apply to the 50% potential risk that you might acquire an illness from your use of a vaping product that we know has none of the chemicals that cause any of the illnesses we are trying to prevent here, well rather no chemicals in an amount even remotely worth mention by those who are asked to know these things.

Yup I gotta say I’m a little stupefied! I can definitely see the need for panicked headlines, drastic and decisive action plans executed post haste at an epidemic scale of public health concerns!
After all with something that is this close to certain that there will most definitely be nothing that happens to you. They can spend almost nothing to keep everyone safe! And still manage to come out the triumphant leaders that the people need! And help solidify our stance as a nation that truly cares for its people, and to top it off?
A nice fat expense account in the Turks and Caicos courtesy of, any number of trillion dollar companies forecasting to go the way of the Doh Doh thanks to vaping. well we all know how much of the medical costs are from the Chemotherapy caused by smoking. We know that almost an entire industry devoted to treating these diseases may very well be gone in what may only be 20 some years!

Imagine though an industry with no competition, a steady demand of business, and a government mandated to always to cut the cheque on behalf of every user who needs it!
It yields high profits and requires no real investment or even oversight to now sustain! And, why spend money on improvement when outside research centers do all the work! Man they have the money! All that Fundraising!

You know what? Never mind there’s nothing even remotely news worthy here you just keep on keepin the status quo and let the teens rebel, as they do when something is held back for adults only, and start vaping and then restrict the vapor products timed perfectly upon reaching predicted market saturation, so much so that cigarettes are an easier alternative all the while easing the public’s mind while handling the very dangerous potential risks of potential risks that one of these things may someday be like the other as apples and oranges are to a circle.

But really, who am I kidding anyway? It’s not like you have any real voice or have the moxi to be a leader! We can already see the level of ambition and integrity in your work ethic. Nevermind any accountability to the public for reckless endangerment of their futures. Yup you can just keep on spinning a narrative that you think will make your adwords account finally generate some pennies. You may even be able to retire and think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell your peers when that time comes!!

Nope I don’t have the slightest issue with your article anymore, I’ve come to realize you can teach a monkey to dance, and that’s all you’ve ever wanted to do. You are a failure to your profession and to humankind as a whole. Guilty of encouraging a public apathy of good people to do nothing while their friends and family lose the only first ever opportunity to drastically claw back some digits to the total age of life. They will go without trying the first real option ever to come to market to help them quit smoking all thanks to articles of such glaring high quality like yours.
Fucking coward.
Have a great day!

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