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I VAPE to save my life and I will VOTE In order to do so
Kathleen Wynne​ and Justin Trudeau​ have decided that Fear and politics is more important than my right to an alternative to cigarettes!
According to Peer reviewed evidence, Vaping is closing up to %97 safer than smoking. Thats %97 removed from the chances of this happening to me and my family.

They have allowed policy to reach 2nd reading across Canada and in Ontario which will decimate the Vaping industry for many years to come if not forever.
I guess the 35000 Canadians who are addicted to smoking deserve it. After all we know that the risk of vaping leading to smoking has been inferred openly. And yet despite the factual evidence coming out of countries like, well you know, those english folk? Yup they are all high and mighty telling people that a less harmful alternative might save lives with their centuries old college of medical professionals!

The Royal College of Physicians

And yet, despite their warnings against over regulation our government knows best !

Now, what rights we have as Canadians to a less harmful alternative will be preserved legally do not worry! You’ll be able to find vaporizers and Ejuice at any retailer willing to adhere to these restrictions! Yup they really do Care!

~ Begin foreseeable conversations ~
You may say:

– Wait you mean my ability to access the variety of flavors and devices I currently enjoy, the ones I use to avoid a situation as described in the video above will be entirely dependant on the willingness of entrepreneurs to run a business which can’t:
talk about,
or promote the products?!?!?!?!? We’re doomed!

Or you might say:

– Well I’m glad they have made such a well thought out piece of legislation! After all, I can imagine a situation like the video arriving from these products…… I’m sorry what?

– You say research shows people noticing dramatic health improvements thanks to vaping?

– Well there must be Long term consequences from the nicotine?

– Only as harmful as the caffeine in a cup of coffee according to new research!
– No way! I can’t believe that! I’ve seen the news why would the reporters talk about vaping in such a bad light if this were the case!?

– To date there are no known links to anyone dying as a result of harm from vaping?

– Well what about those ecig that explode! …….. only a handful have?… But that guy was telling the anchor on the news last night about how his exploded on its own?

– Yes the victim was telling the story, who else would?

– No i didn’t see Mr Johnson’s interview about the time he fell asleep with a lit cigarette and set his house on fire,
– you say his whole family died, including him! Wait a minute then how’s he supposed to give an interview about…. nevermind.

~ End internal monolog ~

So vaping breaks down like this
– %97 healthier alternative to tobacco.
– 1000’s of small business owners paying taxes and employee people
– Friendly ma and pa type retail stores where people like to chill and discuss new ways to vape and help others to quit.
– The potential to eradicate CIgarettes in the next 20 years
– No more Second hand health concerns thanks to the inconsequential levels of any toxin that is stated to be found
– Smokers recover when normal conditions are considered, quickly and enjoy life in ways thought they never could
– Regular blue collar people starting a new lease on life and a new business feeling like they are worth more than the sum of their previous path.
– Fathers like Bryan reducing the potential for cancer and there by getting to see their child grow.
– The number of teens reported to make the switch from vaping to smoking across 4 years is about %0.2 in 40000 people.
– We know that the harm caused from smoking won’t be happening to the body with vaping, save for a error rate of %5
– We know that the harm caused from smoking won’t be happening to the body with vaping, save for a error rate of %5
– Teenagers will blow clouds in inappropriate places if they somehow get hold of and use a device
– Large Corporations will lose profits due to this disruptive technology
– Potential Campaign funding from corporations which stand to loos profits will be less available
– You might might forgo desert every so often choosing to enjoy a sweet deliciously flavored vape
– If you are prone to collecting you may spend to much money on multiple devices , though it’s still cheaper than smoking in the long run
– Politicians would have to actually show the evidence they are using to make their decisions their by loosing that comfy wiggle room for steering the country in the direction which benefits everyone including those not attending their fundraising efforts

You tube video on vaping

UVIC / Health Canada commissioned evidence review

BILL 174 is at second reading and this will be the outcome for thousands of Ontarians because of it ! Don’t let them take away your right to make decisions by restricting the market which has brought us the only viable option ever !

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